Proper changelog or we will kick your ass.

gem install devist

What's the fuss?

Changelog files are useful. You can `cat` it out and see latest or whatever change in the past? Grep version? It’s like a textual versioning system or something.

Devist keeps proper changelog for any of your projects.

What it offers?

Just some of the stuff that Devist offers out of the box:

  • Export w/ themes
  • Manipulate raw
  • Readable format
  • Deployment hook
  • Git hook
  • API

How to use it?

Simple as 1, 2, 3. Write your project changelog in `devist` format:

### Version 1.0.0 of Aug 15 2017
+ #added: some feature here
+ #fixed: some bug that now is past

# or run devist --new to init new changelog file

Run Devist from same directory to generate static html:

devist changelog

Generated results as seen on release notes.

Use help argument to see all available cli commands:

devist --help

More info

Devist is open-source and official repository is located at duraki/devist. You can also read full documentation in the repo README.

API is documented using YARD and is available at Rubydoc.

Author & Credits

The tool and website is developed and designed by Halis Duraki (@duraki). You can write issues or request a feature if that will help you keep better changelog. Props to people who support me.

My twitter, github and blog.